a portfolio by bernice wong



SPEK is an investigation into the future of informal, AR-enabled commerce. It is a platform that uses inconspicuous, smart eyewear to create and access an underground exchange network. The project began with our mutual interest in creating a space for post-capitalist, barter-based economies.

In the midst of any urban environment, participants will be within their own eclectic marketplace, each able to buy, sell, or trade items amongst their peers. Users will be able to define their wants and needs vocally to the glasses, triggering SPEK to scan the network of other nearby users for the desired goods or services, and displaying the results in a heads-up display.


Through facial recognition, SPEK will be able to suggest suitable trade opportunities linked to each user. We decided that all transactions involving currency will use Bitcoin for enhanced privacy.

Additionally, SPEK can improve the transparency of each transaction using image recognition to guarantee the objective nature of the item(s) to be traded. Here, SPEK will analyze the physical characteristics of the object, verifying its authenticity through unique search parameters, and letting the user know if the product is as the seller claims.